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Dwyane Wade And The Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are the clear favorites to get out of the eastern conference and make a third straight NBA Finals appearance. It all begins with the trio that is Lebron James Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh as they're the top 3 scorers for the Heat. When the 2012-13 NBA season draws to an end, the Miami Heat will have the greatest record in the east conference. Looking at the area in the east, there isn't a bunch of teams that I see knocking the Miami Heat off that mountain. However, if there were two teams that could give the Miami Heat a challenge, it would be these teams and the New York Knicks isn't one of those teams.

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The first team that can give the Miami Heat a challenge if they're to meet in place in the playoffs in the east is the Chicago Bulls. I thought the Chicago Bulls would be in a position to have success with Derrick Rose recovering from his knee injury. However, I did not realistically think they'd be where they're right now. Some basketball fans forget, Kirk Hinrich was the starting point guard for the Bulls long before Derrick Rose was around and this was his team as he was referred to as' Captain Kirk' in his first go-around with the Bulls (2003-10). Along with Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, others, and Nate Robinson have held the fork down and when Derrick Rose comes back, the Chicago Bulls will be an even better team. The other point is that the Heat & Bulls have had recent history where it has gotten chippy on the court.

To add to the afflatedappetizing, the Miami Heat is likewise one of the NBA team that has the greatest rivalries in the league. One of their hottest rivalry with the Chicago Bulls have began in the 1990s, a decade of basketball. This is well remembered as one dominated by the great Michael Jordan. At that time, the Bulls eliminated three times the heat and became NBA champion each time. Miami Heat also bled when the sum of the Chicago Bulls 99-72 in 1998.

Not only for its long-standing rivalry Chicago Bulls, have the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons also had a heated rivalry with the team in Miami. When the games between the Miami Heat, and both the Bulls, the Knicks and Pistons, Heat tickets usually sell like hotcakes. These rivalries have continued up to the basketball court in the cultivation of competition, especially between Miami and New York. Although many players can have a bit 'too heated competition in games, we can not be said that it has also attracted a number of the best performances in NBA history. This is why I'm saving heat tickets for the game against one of the major competitors of the Heat.

Effective list of players, the heat is a strong competitor to capture the championship point. They are undoubtedly one of the leading rivals in the Eastern Conference with the Chicago Bulls. This group will have the right to engage in a second. I'm really glad that I have access to low-cost tickets heat. I don't care to share it with other fans, or if it means that more people seem to stimulate heat.

The second team that can give the Miami Heat a challenge if they're to meet in place in the playoffs in the east is the Indiana Pacers. In the semi-finals of last year's playoffs, the Indiana Pacers had the Miami Heat on the ropes when they were up 2-1 and with a chance to really put the pressure on them in Game 4 in Indiana. The Indiana Pacers did not take advantage of those early opportunities they had created and the Miami Heat were able to get out of the mat and essentially win game 4 and the other two games to win the series 4-2. I think the Indiana Pacers feel like they let the Miami Heat off the hook last year in the playoffs. The Indiana Pacers do not feel like they can just compete with the Heat. However, the Indiana Pacers feel like they can beat the Heat. The Pacers are in the top 3 in scoring defense this season and they're doing this with George Hill, David West, Paul George (who is a candidate for most improved player of the 2012-13 NBA Season), Roy Hibbert, Tyler 'Psycho T' Hansbrough (coming off the bench) and others. All of this while Danny Granger is recovering from injury as well. The Pacers play a hard-nose style of basketball and they feel like they've got the team that can beat the Heat and win a championship.

What makes this triangle even more interesting lies in the fact that these 3 powerhouses have a heated rivalry with the other. The Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers have some history against each other that goes back to the days of Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller. Back in the 2011 NBA Playoffs, the Bulls and Pacers met in the 1st round as the Bulls were the # 1 seed and the Pacers were the 8th seed. That series was a lot closer than the results indicate as the Pacers let 2 games slip away from them as that series could have gone to the seventh game. While the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers have a rivalry with the Miami Heat, they have a rivalry with each other.

I do not discount the New York Knicks as one of those teams that can give the Miami Heat a challenge, its just the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers are more equipped to challenge the Heat in my opinion. The Miami Heat struggle against teams with bigger lineups that are physical and teams that can attack the boards because the Miami Heat rank at the lower end in rebounding. If you were to ask me who can give the Miami Heat a challenge, it would be the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers.

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